Hello, My name is Nancy Cies (She/ Her)

Intuitive Alignment Coaching and Healer

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This Ohio mama of two beautifully different little ladies relishes all the seasonal magic in our corner of the Midwest. I’m blessed to have a wonderfully supportive husband by my side on this winding journey. 

When I’m not busy wrangling my kiddos’ latest imagination-fueled adventures, you can find me channeling my own creativity through painting, singing my heart out , or whisking up chef-worthy meals to nourish my family. My friends lovingly call me the “Jack of All Hobbies” thanks to my wide-ranging passion for learning new skills.

I’ve always felt drawn to empowering people to transcend limits - their own and ones imposed by society. After discovering the transformative impact coaching could have while working at a job that no longer lit me up, I dove headfirst into understanding the magic of human potential. I simply had to learn more about how to lift others up.

Along my quest, I realized I’d actually been tapping into my own intuitive abilities from a young age growing up in challenging circumstances, using energy work and spiritual connections to protect my spark. Now in my adult life, modalities like daily meditation, tarot card guidance and tuning into my heart's whisper before overthinking anchor and align me. 

By blending this inner wisdom with proven coaching techniques I uncovered over the years, I get to fully live my purpose as an Intuitive Alignment Coach. There’s nothing more fulfilling than gathering with my soul sisters, holding compassionate space for their stories to percolate, and then illuminating the way forward with journaling, card pulls, emotional releases or visualization. Their breakthroughs fuel my soul!

While I’ll fully own that I talk people’s ears off a mile a minute when excited (working on it!), I’m driven by my core belief that every one of us can tap into our own inner brilliance with the right support. If this speaks to you too, then come on over! I’ve saved you a seat in my bright and cozy studio so we can uncover the possibilities.

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I use an intuitive blend of modalities to help you break free from patterns holding you back and get into the flow towards your highest path. When you feel stuck in a loop, it’s often because you’ve lost alignment with your inner wisdom and the creative energy of the universe.
Through compassionate listening, energy work, and soulful conversation, I support you in rediscovering your truth. Together we gently identify blocks rooted in outdated stories, past hurts or fears. Then we dissolve them, one by one.
You already have such wisdom within. An Intuitive Alignment Coach like myself simply illuminates the way so you can transform.
The more aligned you become with the whispered wisdom of your soul and rhythmic flow of the universe, the more freedom you’ll feel to walk purposefully on your path as your truest self.

You get to be the creator of your journey. I am honored to be your guide.