How Outside Noise Drowns Out Your Inner Wisdom

Discover how outside noise can drown out your inner wisdom and learn how to reclaim your voice. Find out why seeking external validation and fearing disapproval can hinder your personal growth. Explore tips to tap into your inner wisdom and prioritize your needs.

Have you ever had a moment where you just knew what you needed to do, but then self-doubt, fear, and the opinions of others clouded your clarity? 

You’re not alone. It’s incredibly common to silence our inner voice and wisdom in favor of seeking feedback, validation, and direction from external sources. But when we give other people’s viewpoints more weight than our own inner truth, we suffer. 

Here’s why it seems easier to hear everyone else’s voice over your own, and how you can change that pattern for good:


The Pull of External Validation 

As humans, we have an innate need to belong. Back in ancient times, being part of a tribe was essential for survival. Banishment meant almost certain death.

So we evolved an intense drive to win approval and avoid rejection. This shows up today as caring - sometimes excessively - about what others think of us.

The opinions of friends, family, coworkers, and society at large can feel like they matter more than what our soul truly knows to be right. We look outward for guidance so we don’t ruffle any feathers.

But when your actions are motivated by external validation, you betray your inner truth. This causes anxiety, depression, emptiness, and even physical dis-ease over time.


Fear of Upsetting Other People 

In addition to craving others’ approval, we also fear their disapproval. 

You may subconsciously absorb the emotions, viewpoints, and expectations of those around you. Then you contort yourself to fit in and avoid conflict or letting anyone down.

Perhaps you minimize your needs in relationships because you don’t want to upset your partner. Or you don’t go after your dream job because your parents want you to have something more stable.

But in silencing your authentic desires to please others, you only do a disservice to yourself - and those people, too.


Doubting Your Own Inner Wisdom  

Here’s the kicker: Feeding off of others’ energy and direction also makes you distrust your own. 

Self-doubt creeps in and you lose touch with your inner knowing because you have overridden it with outside viewpoints for so long.

Maybe deep down you feel an inspired calling to start a nonprofit, but your friends tell you all the logical reasons why it’s a bad idea, so you abandon the dream.

Suppressing your inner wisdom again and again hardwires your brain to automatically question it and give it less weight.

How to Reclaim Your Voice from the Noise 

The first step is acknowledging when you’ve handed your power over to external voices rather than trusting your heart and spirit.

Next, make the commitment to reverse this pattern. When you feel uncertain or need guidance, look within FIRST before seeking other opinions. Even sit with the discomfort of not knowing for a while.

Through practices like meditation, breathwork, energy healing, and journalling, you can cut through the noise and tap into your inner wisdom once again.

Here are some tips:

- Ask yourself, “What does my soul say?” or “What do I know deep down?” 

- Visualize an energy shield protecting you from absorbing outside energies and emotions.

- Tell your guides you wish to only receive messages from the highest source of love and truth.

- Set a sacred space where you won’t be swayed or interrupted. 

- Release attachments to the outcomes others want for you.

- Let go of trying to please everyone - it’s impossible anyway.

- Prioritize your needs and well-being. They matter.

- Trust your intuition. If a choice resonates as right for you, have courage to take aligned action. 

You have an inner light within, one that is brighter than any external opinions. Don't let outside noise drown out your inner voice. Instead, let your soul's wisdom light up your life's path.

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