Learn To Use Your Empathic Gifts: Join the Survival Bootcamp Now!

April 27th 1PM - 3PM EST



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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your empathic abilities? Do you struggle to navigate through emotional chaos and protect your energy? 

If so, You are not alone!

As an empath myself, I understand the challenges you face. That's why I've created the Empath Survival Bootcamp—to provide you with the tools and support you need to thrive in a world that often feels overwhelming



How? With The NPH Process



 In this intensive, we'll dive into the beautiful complexities of being an empath. Together, we'll explore the unique signs and signals that your empathic radar picks up on, helping you better understand your intuitive nature. From unraveling the different types of empaths to discovering how your gifts shape your interactions with the world, we'll navigate through it all with curiosity and compassion. By the end, you'll feel more confident and grounded, equipped with insights to navigate life's ebbs and flows with grace and resilience.


 It's time to armor up and protect your precious energy. I'll arm you with the tools and techniques you need to create a safe boundary around you. Together, we'll explore how to recognize and release others energy, setting firm boundaries that honor your needs and well-being. Whether it's learning to say no without guilt or cleansing your energetic space, we'll work together, ensuring you feel safe and empowered every step of the way. Get ready to reclaim your power and step into a life filled with positivity and vitality!


Let's take a moment to honor the beautiful, sensitive being that you are. We are going to talk about the art of self-love and self-care, creating sacred rituals that nurture your spirit and soothe your soul. Together, we'll explore ways to infuse your daily life with compassion and mindfulness, from creating cozy sanctuaries of tranquility to practicing acts of kindness towards yourself. By honoring your empathic gifts with love and gratitude, you'll create a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you, paving the way for a life filled with joy, balance, and authenticity.

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Why work with me?

As an Empathic psychic medium with over a decade of experience, I've dedicated my life to honing my intuitive skills and guiding others on their spiritual journeys. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with numerous individuals, helping them unlock their gifts and create the lives they were dreaming of. 

While I've received training and trained others in various modalities, including tarot and energy work, my true passion lies in supporting empaths. I understand firsthand the challenges and struggles that come with being an empath, whether it's feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions or grappling with the sheer strength of our innate gifts.

That's why I'm deeply committed to empowering empaths to navigate their unique abilities with confidence and clarity. Through personalized guidance and compassionate support, I help my clients harness the transformative power of their empathic nature, leading to a more easeful and fulfilling life.

When you work with me, you're not just receiving guidance from a seasoned practitioner; you're gaining a trusted ally who understands your journey. Together, we'll work on understanding your empathic gifts and pave the way for greater healing, and growth.


Untitled design (17)"She is amazing. The experience she offered is absolutely otherworldly. I have had and been present at several of her readings. She is absolutely guided. I highly recommend booking with her"


Simple Professional Name Introduction LinkedIn Profile Picture (1)"Nancy is AMAZING!! She makes you feel so comfortable and supported during your readings! I honestly don’t think I can ever describe how amazing of an experience she gives. I’ll definitely meet with her again!"



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Simple Professional Name Introduction LinkedIn Profile Picture"Nancy is a guiding light helping you to experience the mystical world. Through the gifted talents of my dear friend, Nancy, I have been able to find peace and clarity through some of life’s most difficult moments. She is not only a masterful tarot reader but also a patient and dedicated teacher of divination skills. My journey with Nancy has been nothing short of magical, and you will find her to be a brightly shining diamond among a mountain of cubic zirconia. Nancy’s interpretations of the cards were not only insightful but also deeply intuitive. She effortlessly weaved together the symbolism and imagery of the tarot, providing me with profound insights and guidance that resonated with my innermost being. Every reading was a unique, soulful experience, leaving me in awe of her talents as a tarot reader."

What's Included:

Two Full Hours of Empathic Empowerment: Dive deep into growth during our intensive Zoom call. With a dedicated two-hour session, we'll cut straight to the heart of honing your empathic skills, offering practical insights and actionable strategies to help you thrive.

Connect with Your Tribe: Join a supportive community of fellow empaths who understand and embrace your unique gifts. Share experiences, insights, and stories in a safe and nurturing space, fostering connections that last long after the bootcamp ends.

Open Question Time: Have burning questions about your empathic journey? Get personalized guidance and support during our open question time, where I'll be available to address your concerns and provide clarity on any challenges you may be facing.

By joining the Empath Survival Bootcamp, you'll not only gain invaluable insights and tools but also forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals on a similar path of self-discovery and empowerment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your empathic journey and step into a life of authenticity and fulfillment!

Join Us:

Date: April 27th

Time: 1pm - 3pm EST

Location: It’s all on Zoom!

Investment: $27

Take the first step towards reclaiming your power as an empath. Reserve your spot today.